Diego Zaks

Classic Specs, Digital

Design Director, UX Research, A/B Testing, Conversion, Marketing.

Refined the brand and visual language of Classic Specs (one of the brands I owned while Creative Director at Eponym), overseeing its transformation into a curated hub of great content.
Starting with a new modular system to feature content and product in the homepage, to working closely with the CTO on the product pages, optimizing for conversion and infusing the shopping experience with branded content.

Classic Specs overview

A responsive modular content system that can accomodate for all types of content generated by our team.

Classic Specs Homepage modules

Content Marketing and A/B Testing to increase conversion on product pages by 15%.

Classic Specs Product Page A/B Testing

A/B Testing on email marketing material increased open rates by 30% and click-through by 200% over the course of 13 weeks.

Classic Specs Email MArketing A/B Testing