Diego Zaks

Townhouse Tel-Aviv

Art Director, Branding, Print.
2012 @ Koniak Design

Townhouse Tel-Aviv is a precious find located on the corner of Tel-Aviv’s fashionable Rothschild Boulevard. Situated in a beautifully authentic landmark building from the 1930s, Townhouse Tel-Aviv is a discreet city retreat for the discerning traveller who is looking for something more.

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Every room is designed and decorated in a very elegant and tasteful manner. The selected typeface aims at reflecting each room's personality.

Townhouse Key Designs

Each room contains a sketchbook, guests are asked to jot down their thoughts, discoveries and favorite places in the city. The sketchbooks remain in the room and are passed on to the next guest. Over time, each room collects personalized and changing list of recommendations.

Townhouse Guest Notebook